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Shrimp Salad with Cilantro-Lime Dressing

published Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 4

Enjoy fresh flavors of summer in one delicious bowl with this fresh and vibrant Shrimp Salad with Cilantro-Lime Dressing recipe. Ready in just 20 minutes, this easy and healthy salad makes a delicious lunch or dinner the whole family will enjoy.


Step 1

Place the cilantro, garlic, yogurt, lime juice, salt and pepper, jalapeño (optional) in a blender. Blend until smooth.

Step 2

Slowly, with the blender running on low add the olive oil and blend until incorporated.

Step 3

Thaw shrimp in refrigerator or under cool running water. Pat dry shrimp with paper towels and place in a medium bowl.

Step 4

Toss shrimp with 2 Tbsp melted butter in a bowl until well-coated.

Step 5

Combine paprika, cumin, and granulated garlic. Stir until well combined. Sprinkle over shrimp.

Step 6

Heat a pan over medium-high heat for a few minutes until hot. Melt additional 2 Tbsp butter.

Step 7

Add shrimp and 2 cloves garlic to the pan in a single layer, cook for 1-2 minutes or until it starts to become pink around edges, then flip and cook until shrimp are cooked through, less than a minute. Transfer to a plate and set aside.

Step 8

Chop, rinse and spin dry 3 medium heads of romaine lettuce. Transfer that to a large mixing bowl.

Step 9

Add tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, avocados and corn.

Step 10

Top with cooked shrimp.

Step 11

Drizzle with Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing.

Step 12

Serve immediately.

Step 13

Refrigerate leftovers for up to 2 days.

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