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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes - Handmade & Gourmet Decorated

Add A touch of class to your elegant wedding day. Dazzle your guest with whimsical features of handmade fondant leaves, flowers, and vine cascading over your cake. Sparkled with a touch of Rhinestones on a classic all white cake.
Wow your guest with our trendy square shaped cake and turquoise stucco pattern. Silver sugar sequins to add texture and sparkle. Rosettes to add a bit of class and texture and handmade ruffle flowers with silver accents that will leave you and your guests amazed.
Fall in Love with this Stucco pattern to mimic tree bark and accented plaid ribbon perfectly wrapped around. Handcrafted fondant leaves cascading down cake making it the perfect cake for your Autumn wedding.
Our Bethann cake is perfect for your special day! With its handmade whipped cream ruffled flowers and edible pearl accented centers. Hand piped lace like scroll work, pop of mint and silver it will make your wedding day unforgettable.
Make your day extraordinary with our trendy Boho chic design cake with on trend hand sculpted succulents. Hand painted watercolor background with ornate handcrafted fondant fringe for added texture.
This cake will leave your guests amazed with handcrafted ornate whipped cream florals in colors of mint and turquoise with crisp white against silver sugar sequin texture. Tiffany’s style fondant turquoise bow and ruffle textured bottom created from icing adding a wow factor.
With a modern watercolor motif painted across the bottom layer of the cake with intricate vintage lace created draped across the top. A beautiful watercolor fondant flower draws design together making this an amazing piece for your modern wedding!
This contemporary art inspired cake with hand painted features on the fondant will be the talk of your reception. With feathers and poppy flowers adding a touch of nature your cake will be unforgettable.
This whimsical cake with all hand-crafted fondant wood planks and a mix of delicate wild flowers, drift wood and gold dipped feathers creates this nature wonderland. Perfect for your outdoor wedding!
Elizabeth is the perfect cake for your spring wedding with its handcrafted flowers laid beautifully across the top two tiers. Ombre of rosettes on the bottom touch giving it a wonderful pop of colors.
Sunset colors painted down each layer of your cake with colorful flowers cascading down the side beautifully. Imagery of you and your soon to be saying “I do” in front of a glorious sunset. A marvelous cake for your beach themed wedding.
Isabella is a must have cake for your Rustic Fall wedding. With beautifully hand-crafted leaves and wildflowers perfectly placed. Each layer painted to resemble the bark of a birch tree.
Jasmine gives you the best elements of nature with the pops of color from the hand-crafted flowers to the beautifully made pinecones. Giving you different experiences of nature with each layer the top being that of water, the second of birch and the final a beautiful pine tree with your initials carved in.
Josie has the best elements of spring with pastel pink, blue and green colors incorporated in each layer. Blooming flowers with edible sugar pearls and gorgeous hand piped flowers across the top tier.
This glamorous cake will leave you in awe from the glitters to the range of hand piped texture incorporated through out each layer. With a perfectly placed flower that has a glittered core to really make the cake really sparkle!
Kate is the perfect spin on a classic wedding cake with elegant ruffles flowing around the cake, hand piped lace and elegant sugar pearls wrapped around the second tier to give it a subtle sparkle. Topped off with stunning white flowers perfectly placed throughout the layers.
Great for a winter wedding with fondant pillow tucked design and crisp light blue texture. Topped off with handcrafted flowers with sugar pearl centers flowing down.
A Classic 2 tier with subtle texture with a pop of color with coral handmade flowers. Perfect for your special day!
This graceful cake will be a hit at your wedding with its classic Horizontal stucco texture on each tier. With fresh florals for a simple but elegant design.
Sunflower is perfect for your barn style wedding! With a classic rustic style icing to mimic wood texture and accented with burlap and lace ribbons across each tier. Handmade sunflowers for a touch of elegance.
Trinity is a picture-perfect fit for a classic wedding with a pop of color! Burgundy rosettes hand piped to add texture accented with burgundy and white flowers. Crisp white base hand piped scroll work and lace pattern with monogram make it unique to you and your special someone.
Waterlily is perfect for your beach side wedding with contemporary art inspired hand painted texture buttercream base. Handcrafted fondant lily pattern and flowers create abstract beach style theme.
Perfect for a spring event with beautiful pastel textured background and hand piped whipped cream flowers.
Shimmery Pearls textured like a beautiful wedding dress. Soft icing roses for the classic wedding venue.
Metal realism blended with a lacy elegance. Florals in subtle tones of blush and brick--perfect for the modern warehouse vibe.
Lavish and opulent cascade of alluring florals invoking the age of romanticism.
Sky or sea, this impressionist cake gives a deep serene feeling of beauty and peace.
Painterly textures of natural wildflowers against a classic white background of subtle blooms.

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Choose Your Favorite Flavor, Filing and Icing Style

Flavors Fillings Icing Style
White Bavarian Buttercream
Yellow Lemon Whipped Cream
Chocolate Pineapple Fondant
Marble Raspberry  
Carrot Strawberry  
Banana Cream Cheese  
Red Velvet    


Serving Sizes

Pricing is custom. Starting at $4.50 per serving and up depending on complexity of design.


2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier

Serves 28-38

Serves 55-65

Serves 105-116

6" 6" 6"
9" 8" 8"
  10" 10"




Sheet cakes easily pair with all above options for extra servings. 

Full Sheet - 90-100 servings

1/2 Sheet - 30-40 servings