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Pharmacy Rewards

What is Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy Rewards?

Earn $10 in FREE groceries for every 10 prescriptions filled! Plus, monthly rewards by email, $15 OFF your flu shot and more!

Let Acme Fresh Market's Hometown Pharmacists take care of you and your family.

Questions? Pharmacy FAQs

Q. If I register today for the program, will my prescription purchases today count towards my Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy REWARDS?
A. Yes! After you enroll, every prescription that you scan with your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card will count towards your REWARDS!

Q. How do I get credit for my prescriptions?
A. Your Acme Fresh Market prescription purchases, made with your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card, will count towards your REWARDS. (Sorry, no credit will be given for prescription purchases made without using your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card.)

Q. What if I get prescriptions at more than one Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy location? Will they all count towards my REWARDS?
A. Yes! As long as your prescription purchases are made using your Acme Fresh Market Savings Card. REWARD will be printed at the store location where you shop the most.

Q. If my spouse picks up a prescription using his/her Acme Fresh Market Savings Card, will that prescription purchase count towards my REWARDS?
A. There can only be one Acme Fresh Market Savings Card number per Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy REWARDS registration form. Therefore, if you and your spouse have different Savings Card numbers, each of you will have to register to be eligible for REWARDS. If your card numbers are different, your prescription purchases will be tracked separately.

Q. If I lose my REWARDS coupon, will I be able to receive another one?
A. Sorry, no REWARDS coupons can be replaced if lost or stolen.

Q. How long will my REWARDS coupon be valid?
A. The expiration date is printed on the coupon.

Q. If I have questions concerning the REWARDS program, who should I contact?
A. Please ask one of our Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy staff members. If they do not know the answer immediately, they will get an answer for you.

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