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Loacker Wafer Cookies, Lemon, Bite Size

8.8 oz.
Loacker Wafer Cookies, Lemon, Bite Size

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Wafer Cookies, Lemon, Bite Size

No artificial flavours. No. 1 in Italy. Always made with real lemon! Never any artificial flavorings; artificial colorings; hydrogenated fats; preservatives. No colourings and no preservatives. The Sciliar mountain, seen from the headquarter in Auna di Sotto - Italy. There's a place in the heart of the Alps, where the air and water are fresh and pure. At over 3,000 feet, surrounded by the Dolomite Mountains, the Loacker family selects only the finest ingredients: the best Italian hazelnuts, real Bourbon vanilla pods, pure chocolate and the highest quality milk. These many gift of nature create our delicious wafer and chocolate specialties, as they have since 1925. No matter which you choose from our family of products, you have the quality made famous by the Loacker family, pure goodness in every bite. No artificial colorants. No ingredients derived from bioengineered crops. Real lemon juice used for the cream filling. No preservatives. No hydrogenated fats. Bite the crispy wafer, taste the delicious cream filling and enjoy! You will certainly want more than one. Guarantee of quality. www.loacker.it. The handy, resealable bag allows you to have as many or as few tasty bites as you wish! Loacker, the difference is in the taste. Loacker Quadratini Bite Size Wafer Cookies are available in various flavours: Dark Chocolate; Chocolate; Hazelnut; Vanilla; Coconut; Cappuccino; Tiramisu; Almond; Lemon; Blackcurrant; Espresso. Dispose of properly. Product of Australia.

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