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International Delight Iced Coffee, Mocha

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International Delight Iced Coffee, Mocha

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Iced Coffee, Mocha

Coffeehouse drink. Natural & artificial flavors. Sweet & creamy. 150 calories per cup. Bring the coffeehouse to your house. Why go out when authentic iced coffee is as close as your fridge? Pour on the delight! 8 sweet & creamy 8-oz coffeehouse drinks in every carton! Ready to drink. Delight on ice? Yes, please! we're all about making your taste buds smile. That's why our iced coffee recipe includes distinctive beans custom-roasted to perfection, real milk and just the right touch of sweetness and flavor. Enjoy! Don't forget the cubes! Just shake, pour over ice and treat yourself to a time out. We've got you covered. We'd love to hear from you! InternationalDelight.com. Ultra-pasteurized. Recyclable. Facilities may not exist in your area.

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