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Ocean Spray Juice Drink, White Cran-Strawberry

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Ocean Spray Juice Drink, White Cran-Strawberry

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Juice Drink, White Cran-Strawberry

Early harvest. Sweeter taste. White cranberry and strawberry juice drink blended with two other juices from concentrate. Meet our growers. We're proud members of the Ocean Spray cooperative, where the growers who harvest the cranberries also own the company. After teaching for 7 years, I decided to follow my heart and return home to work on our family cranberry bog. Back on the farm with my father, I knew I needed an education myself - a bog education! Luckily, there is a great community of Ocean Spray cranberry growers nearby who have supported me in learning everything I need to know about growing and harvesting my family’s cranberries. I feel fortunate to continue working and learning with both my immediate family, and my new extended family - the local cranberry growing community - Cristina Tassone, 4th generation grower, Shamong, NJ. Ocean Spay - grower owned since 1930. No high fructose corn syrup. Contains 23% fruit juice. 100% vitamin C. 2010 Chef's Best Taste Award. The ChefsBest Award for Best Taste is awarded to the brand rated highest overall among leading brands by independent professional chefs. Thanks for choosing Ocean Spray: If you're not completely satisfied with our product, give us a call and we'll replace it: Another Great Cran blend from Ocean Spray cranberries. Straight from the Bog! No artificial colors or flavors. Pasteurized.

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