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Cayman Jack Malt Beverage

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Cayman Jack Malt Beverage

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Cayman Jack Malt Beverage, Ultra Premium, Margarita

Hand crafted with organic limes. Flavored ale. 100% blue agave nectar & real cane sugar. Using all natural ingredients makes a difference. Sure, it's a little harder to make it that way, but that's how we make the most refreshing Margarita in the world. Slice. Salt. Sip. It's that simple. As you drink, the fresh lime and salt with blend with the 100% blue agave nectar and natural cane sugar for the ultimate in authentic refreshment. At Cayman Jack, it's all about the taste. Cayman Jack searched the world to find the freshest, most natural tasting ingredients, sailing from island to island and tasting hundreds of margaritas along the way. Well, someone has to do it. He searched out small, family growers who pride themselves on the quality of their organic limes. Using only natural cane sugar and 100% blue agave, CJ's secret margarita recipe became the hit of the islands. So enjoy what is arguably the most refreshing margarita in the world, while Cayman Jack sails off in search of his next amazing cocktail. Searching the world. Seeking perfection. www.AmericanVintageBeverage.com. Contains alcohol. 5.9% alc/vol.

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