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Fairlife Milk, Ultra-Filtered, 2% Reduced Fat

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Fairlife Milk, Ultra-Filtered, 2% Reduced Fat

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Milk, Ultra-Filtered, 2% Reduced Fat

43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk (4.5 g vs 8 g per serving). Less 50% sugar than regular milk. 13 g high quality protein per serving. Per Serving: Fairlife 2%: 13 g protein; 6 g sugar; 375 mg calcium; no lactose. No artificial growth hormones (FDA states: no significant difference has been shown between milk from cows treated and not treated with rBST growth hormones). Lactose free. Contains 9 essential nutrients. What Makes Fairlife One-of-a-Kind? Our milk flows through soft filters to concentrate its goodness, like more protein and calcium, while filtering out natural sugars. So sip, drink and chug as you enjoy our delicious, nutrient-rich, ultra-filtered milk. Real. Homogenized, UHT, Grade A. We do not use rBST and we invite you to learn more at fairlife.com. Let's chat! 855-Livefair. Recycle me.

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