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Birch Benders Cake a La Cup, Birthday Cake

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Birch Benders Cake a La Cup, Birthday Cake

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Cake a La Cup, Birthday Cake

4 g net carbs. Net carbs = total carbs - fiber - sugar alcohols. Certified gluten-free. Keto friendly. No added sugar (Not a low calorie food). See nutrition information for fat & cholesterol content. Grain free. Who says you can only eat birthdya cake on your birthday? Not us! We believe every day is a twist-and-shout, blow-those-candles-out type of celebration! So go ahead, you party animal, have your cake and eat it too! At Birch Benders, we're on a mission to bring people together, make your favorite foods better, and fill your days with stacks of fun! Birchbenders.com. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Learn more at birchbenders.com.

*EBT Eligible

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