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Ratio Dairy Snack, Keto Friendly, Vanilla

5.3 oz.
Ratio Dairy Snack, Keto Friendly, Vanilla

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Dairy Snack, Keto Friendly, Vanilla

Flavored with other natural flavors. 15 g fat. 2 g carbs. 15 g protein. 1 g sugar. Sat fat 6 g. Calories 200. 200 calories per serving. See nutrition information for calories, total fat & sat fat content. Gluten free. Keto friendly (Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves the regular consumption of high fat foods). At ratio, we know making daily food choices can be a tricky equation - that's why we've done the math In you, so you can spend less time reading labels and more time living. With a focus on carefully selected Ingredients, ratio strikes a unique combination of fat, carbs, protein and sugar to keep you going. Contains live and active cultures. Questions or comments are welcome. Call at 1-800-859-0376.

*EBT Eligible

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