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Boost Nutritional Drink, Complete, High Protein, Very Vanilla

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Boost Nutritional Drink, Complete, High Protein, Very Vanilla

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Nutritional Drink, Complete, High Protein, Very Vanilla

Natural & artificial flavor. Nestle Health Science. 15 g protein: Protein: 15 g to help maintain muscle. Calcium & Vitamins D: to support bone health. 26 essential vitamins & minerals Gluten free. Stay strong, stay active with Boost. Suitable lactose intolerance (Not for individual with galactosemia). Calcilock blend is a combination of essential nutrients to support bone health. This nutrient blend includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D, C & K to help maintain strong bones. Complete nutritional drink with additional protein (Contains 15 g (30% Daily Value) of protein compared Boost Original drink has 10 g (20% Daily Value) pf protein) to help maintain muscle. Nutritional Compass: It's good to know. Nutritionist View: Research shows that maintaining adequate protein intake is associated with protein lean muscle. Boost High Protein drink provides 15 g high-quality protein to help maintain lean muscle. Good to Remember: Have a Boost High Protein drink as a nutritious snack or mini meal to help meet your daily nutritional needs. Contact our nutrition team, call us toll free 1-800-247-7893 or visit www.boost.com. Please recycle this overlap.

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