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Flocks Finest Sunflower Seed

10.0 lb.
Flocks Finest Sunflower Seed

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Sunflower Seed

Fly chickadee, fly. The best seeds are here! Flock's Finest Wild Bird Food enables you to discover the pleasure of attracting beautiful songbirds to your yard. To increase the variety of birds visiting your feeders, use the Flock's Finest products chart to understand which mixes are best to attract your favorite feathered friends. Create a healthy feeding environment by keeping a fresh supply of water nearby and placing feeders in a location which provides protection from predators and shelter from the elements. Feed the birds all year long. Quality guarantee: 100% satisfaction. www.PawsforPets.com. Sunflower seed; Strongly preferred: Jays, cardinal, chickadee, dove, goldfinch, grosbeak, junco, finches, nuthatch, sparrow, titmice, woodpecker. Product of USA.

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