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Audubon Park Wild Bird & Critter Food, Critter Crunch

5.0 lb.
Audubon Park Wild Bird & Critter Food, Critter Crunch

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Wild Bird & Critter Food, Critter Crunch

Bringing the Audubon experience to your backyard. Attracts: chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, deer, jays, quail, woodpeckers, chickadees, and others. Attracts a variety of wildlife & larger birds. For use in platform or table feeders. Thank you for choosing Audubon Park for your wild bird needs. Audubon Park is recognized by millions of backyard birders as the leading producer of quality wild bird food and wild animal products. We're proud to provide you with consistent products you can trust. Keeping it Friendly: Dealing with over crowding at your feeders and unwanted guests doesn't have to be a hassle. Using different types of feeders for different types of birds will help keep your backyard friends from fighting. Adding a critter feeder for squirrels and chipmunks will help reduce competition among your backyard friends. Tips for Successful Bird Feeding: Keep feeders filled with quality Audubon Park wild bird & critter food; offer a source of fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing; Birdscape! Yards with a variety of plants, fountains & birdhouses attract more birds and critters; Choose the right food and feeders for the types of birds in your area; Place many types of feeders at varying heights and locations; Visit our website audubonpark.com for more information about birds in your area and specifics on how to Birdscape your yard. Choosing the Right Feeder: With so many types of feeders available it is hard to know which to buy. Choose your feeder based on the size of the seeds you plan to use in the feeder and the size and type of bird you want to attract to the feeder. Use tube feeders for smaller, perching birds and hopper or platform feeders for your larger birds. Finches and buntings prefer tube feeders while woodpeckers, jays, juncos, towhees and grosbeaks prefer platform feeders. When feeding straight thistle seed make sure to use a finch tube feeder with smaller holes to prevent spilled seeds. Find out which products birds in your neighborhood like best. Use your phone or visit audubonpark.com to learn more. audubonpark.com. Made in USA.

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