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Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, Cranberry with a Hint of Lime

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64.0 oz.
Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, Cranberry with a Hint of Lime

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Juice Cocktail, Cranberry with a Hint of Lime

Cranberry lime juice drink with another juice from concentrate. 100% vitamin C. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Pasteurized. We're the family of Ocean Spray growers, farming our cranberry bogs for over 75 years. Our wonderberries have almost magical nutrients. (Native Americans believed in their healing powers, introducing them to the Pilgrims!) Each of our juices has a one-of-a-kind delicious flavor from the goodness only nature provides. We've worked hard to turn our wonderberries into something mighty wonder-ful. Enjoy in good health! As growers, we know that nothing's more refreshing than our cranberry juice. But every so often we like to add something a little special, like a fresh wedge of lime for ultimate taste refreshment. Our crisp cranberries blended with juicy limes make a delicious combination, which gave us the idea to create our new line of Cranberry Juice Drinks with a hint of lime! Made with just a splash of 100% natural lime juice, straight or mixed, we think they're the most refreshing drinks since, well, since cranberry juice! Contains 28% juice.

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