Little Debbie Shortcake Rolls

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Little Debbie Shortcake Rolls

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Little Debbie Shortcake Rolls

Artificially flavored. Individually wrapped. The Little Debbie Story: Whenever I meet someone new, I love to hear their favorite memories of eating Little Debbie snacks. Because when I was young, there was nothing I enjoyed more than the treats from my grandparents' small bakery. They built the family business from the ground up, with my dad and uncle helping out from the time they were in high school. In 1960, their oatmeal creme pies became a hit, and the new line of treats needed a name. I was only four years old at the time, and didn't know that my name - and a photo of me in my favorite straw hat - would serve as their inspiration. And today, my family is still at the heart of our business, ensuring every Little Debbie snack is baked to perfection and is a tasty as you remember when you were young. - Debbie McKee-Fowler, Little Debbie. Our family promise. Quality, freshness and taste.

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