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Bon Ami Cleanser, Powder

14.0 oz.
Bon Ami Cleanser, Powder

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Cleanser, Powder

Easily cleans kitchen, bath & other surfaces. Cleans without scratching. Hypoallergenic. No chlorine, perfume, or dye. America's original natural home cleaner. Trusted since 1886. Hasn't scratched yet! Sprinkle. Scrub. Rinse! www.bonami.com. Since 1886. The Bon Ami Chick and Hasn't scratched yet! slogan, as well as the Bon Ami brand, are among America's oldest registered trademarks. The chick is Bon Ami's symbol because chicks do not scratch for food for two or three days after hatching. The Bon Ami Story: Founded in 1886, in Manchester, CT, Bon Ami is America's original non-scratching natural home cleaner. While some cleansers scratch dirt away, Bon Ami's unique soft abrasives polish fine hard surfaces clean. Kitchens. Cookware. Tubs & tile. Before cleaning turned chemical, there was Bon Ami. We want to return your home to a natural state of clean. Many people with chemical sensitivities have a better cleaning experience using Bon Ami because it cleans without unnecessary harsh additives. Made with biodegradable cleaning agents. This package contains 65% post-consumer recycled material and is fully recyclable. Bon Ami means good friend in French, so if you like Bon Ami, please tell your friends about it. Visit us on http://facebook.com/BonAmiClean. Facebook. Contains no phosphorus. Made in USA.

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