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Chex Wheat Cereal, Oven Toasted

14.0 oz.
Chex Wheat Cereal, Oven Toasted

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Wheat Cereal, Oven Toasted

For over 60 years, Chex cereal has been a part of kitchen pantries and family traditions. Those cute, crunchy Chex squares may look simple and straightforward. But if you take a closer look inside, you'll see every piece is a new place to dream, to play and to enjoy. Whether it's rice, corn or wheat, blueberry, honey nut, cinnamon, peanut butter or chocolate, each one is a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild. So grab a spoonful, handful or baggyful, and get to munching, mixing and making. Stir up your creativity and shake things up, at breakfast, snacktime, dessert and everywhere in between. Because inside each of these crunchy squares, you'll find a world of possibilities.

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