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Family Fun

Take a Tour of Summit County by GPS

Rediscover Summit County with your family by GPS Coordinates! Half the fun is navigating to specially selected, low foot-traffic locations across our county. Each location has the opportunity to get out to stretch your legs too.

Historic Destination

41°00'35.1"N 81°35'48.5"W

Floating Pathway

Start here 41°03'33.2"N 81°32'31.5"W to get to the floating pathway.

Floating Pathway: 41°02'56.8"N 81°32'37.1"W

1,320 Above

41°15'00.3"N 81°39'44.9"W

While at 1,320 Above go to Preserve at these coordinates: 41°14'54.9"N 81°40'38.8"W

Ohio’s Largest Live Here

41°09'49.7"N 81°34'14.5"W

First Walked this Path

41°07'59.6"N 81°32'52.6"W

The Last Remaining in Summit County

41°12'16.9"N 81°34'50.7"W

Find the Answer Key with physical addresses here, just in case.