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Answer Key for Tour Summit County by GPS

Tour Summit County by GPS Answer Key

Resist the temptation to look at the answers below until you reach each destination by using GPS coordinates only.

Historic Destination

41°00'35.1"N 81°35'48.5"W

The Anna–Dean Farm is a historic 1891 farm in Barberton, Ohio, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds at any time. There are 8 of the original barns and buildings on the estate.

Anna–Dean Farm

248 Robinson Ave

Barberton, OH 44203

Floating Pathway

Start here 41°03'33.2"N 81°32'31.5"W to get to the floating pathway.

Floating Pathway: 41°02'56.8"N 81°32'37.1"W

Walk on an amazing floating bridge along Summit Lake on the TowpathTrail at the southern tip of Summit Lake.

Park here:

380 W Crosier St

Akron, OH 44311

1,320 Above

41°15'00.3"N 81°39'44.9"W

The highest elevation in Summit County is 1,320 feet above sea level. The sign is at 41°15'00.3"N 81°39'44.9"W

4398 Broadview Road

Richfield, Ohio

While at 1,320 Above go to Preserve at these coordinates: 41°14'54.9"N 81°40'38.8"W

While at the Highest Elevation in Summit County, visit Richfield Heritage Preserve, open from dawn to dusk for self-guided, outdoor hikes over 336 acres of wooded trails with challenging hills and valleys. on trails around the lake and fishing.

4374 Broadview Rd

Richfield, OH 44286

Ohio’s Largest Live Here

41°09'49.7"N 81°34'14.5"W

Bird watch and photograph Ohio’s largest birds, the Great Blue Herons return to this nesting place every year. They live 30-70 feet high in the sycamore trees. Watch as they build their nest and bring fish to their young ones to eat.

Limited parking on the side of the road.

3801 Riverview Rd
Peninsula, OH 44264

First Walked this Path

41°07'59.6"N 81°32'52.6"W

This Native American Carrying a Canoe Historic Landmark marks the terminus points of the Portage Path Portage Path and Merriman Road of the historic American Indian portage path. Walk along the path to discover 50 bronze arrowhead statues mark the exact route of the Portage Path.

Learn more bout the first people to walk the Portage Path and more here.

Portage Path and Merriman Road
Akron, Ohio

The Last Remaining in Summit County

41°12'16.9"N 81°34'50.7"W

Visit the last remaining covered bridge in Summit County, EverettCovered Bridge – walk across and take a hike on the Valley Trail or along Oak Hill Rd, or Furnace Run Trail.

2370 Everett Road

Peninsula, OH