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Pork Chops with Creamy Mustard Sauce

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Never have boring pork chops again! Our Pork Chops with Creamy Mustard Sauce is a quick and easy dinner of pan-seared Pork Chops smothered in a creamy mustard sauce from local, The Mustard Man Simply Sweet family-friendly mustard.



Step 1

Preheat oven to 400° F

Step 2

Pat dry pork chops. Season pork chops with salt and pepper on both sides.

Step 3

In a large oven-proof skillet, melt 2 Tbsp butter over medium high heat.

Step 4

Add pork chops to the pan. Sear both sides for 2-3 minutes until golden brown. Remove from skillet and set aside.

Step 5

In the same skillet, over medium heat, melt 1 Tbsp butter.

Step 6

Stir in chopped shallots and cook until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes.

Step 7

Add white wine and scrape up all browned bits off bottom of the pan.

Step 8

Stir in 1 ¼ cup Heavy Cream and The Mustard Man Simply Sweet bring to low simmer.

Step 9

Season with 2 tsp Thyme, salt and pepper, to taste. Stir to combine.

Step 10

Add pork chops back to skillet and spoon sauce over pork chops. Cover skillet tightly with aluminum foil or skillet lid.

Step 11

Cook for 10 minutes at 400°F. After 10 minutes, spoon mustard sauce from the pan over the pork chops.

Step 12

Return to oven and cook an additional 10-20 minutes until pork is cooked to desired doneness. 145-150°F for Medium-Rare, 150-155°F for Medium, 155-160°F for Medium-Well, and 160°F for Well Done.

Step 13

Remove from oven. Spoon more sauce over the pork chops. Garnish with additional thyme, if desired.

Cook's Notes

Adjust cooking time based on thickness of pork chops. Thicker chops take longer to cook than thin chops. For a thicker sauce, remove cooked pork chops from skillet. Heat sauce to low simmer. Whisk in 1 Tbsp butter and 1 Tbsp flour. You can replace shallots with 3 Tbsp minced garlic, if desired.

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