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Movie Night Snack Board

Servings: 8

Enjoy everyone's favorite snacks like fresh fruits, cheeses, crackers, cookies, and candy with our Movie Night Snack Board. No cooking required.


Step 1

Select a large serving tray. (You may cover with parchment paper.)

Step 2

Start at one end of the board and arrange snacks into groups, alternating between sweet and savory items. Feel free to put some items in small bowls.

Step 3

We loaded our board with chocolate stripe cookies, wheat crackers, strawberries, cheese, a bowl of candies, animal crackers, cheese crackers, chocolate cream cookies, grapes, butter crackers, gummies, chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, snack crackers, chocolate cookies, teddy grahams, grapes, ginger crackers, cheese, licorice, cheese, vanilla wafers, coconut cookies, snack crackers, vanilla cream cookies, and goldfish crackers.

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