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Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Servings: 4

Calling all pizza lovers! Our Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels are a hit for a packed lunch or after-school snack made in just 10 minutes!


Step 1

In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, pizza sauce, and Italian seasoning. Spread a generous layer of mixture over each tortilla, evenly covering surface to the edges.

Step 2

Sprinkle mixture with chopped pepperoni and line up bite size string cheese end-to-end across one side of tortilla. Roll up tightly, wrap in plastic wrap and repeat with remaining tortillas.

Step 3

Chill rolls in fridge for 2-3 hours before slicing into 1/2" pinwheels.

Step 4

To pack for lunch, place rolls in large lunch box compartment and extra pizza sauce in a smaller compartment for dipping.

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