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One Pot Clambake

published Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Servings: 8

Enjoy a New England style clambake in the comfort of your own home with this easy One Pot Clambake recipe. It is so easy! This one pot seafood feast is perfectly steamed and ready to enjoy in about 45 minutes!



Step 1

Lay 12" piece cheesecloth on flat surface to assemble fresh herb packet. Add celery, parsley, thyme, and peppercorns. Gather ends together and tie with kitchen string or twine.

Step 2

In a large stockpot, heat olive oil over medium-high heat.

Step 3

Add the chopped onion and chopped leek. Sauté until the leek is soft and onions brown, about 8 minutes.

Step 4

Add garlic, kosher salt, and black pepper. Saute for additional 2 minutes.

Step 5

Add 1-1/2 cups dry white wine and cook until reduced by half, about 5 minutes.

Step 6

Add 4 cups chicken stock or broth.

Step 7

Place fresh herb packet in pot.

Step 8

Add golden potatoes and smoked sausage to the pot, cover with lid and cook for 10 minutes.

Step 9

Layer remaining ingredients: corn, lobster claws, mussels, clams, pink shrimp, and snow crab legs. Cover pot and cook for another 12 minutes. If using FRESH mussels or clams, discard any unopened.

Step 10

Using tongs and slotted spoon, transfer seafood and vegetables and place on platter. Cover with foil.

Step 11

Discard fresh herb packet.

Step 12

Strain clambake broth through fine sieve and return broth to pot.

Step 13

Add 1 stick butter to clambake broth. Stir until melted. Divide broth among small bowls to serve with seafood or spoon over top of seafood.

Step 14

Serve with crusty bread and enjoy!

Cook's Notes

You may use frozen (as seen in this video) or fresh Mussels and Clams for this recipe. If using FRESH mussels and clams, note that they are alive and should be stored in the refrigerator in a breathable container (not sealed in a plastic bag) until ready to cook. For frozen clams and mussels: Thaw under cold water for 1/2 hour, rinse to dislodge any excess sand or grit. Pull off beards or material that protrudes between shells. For fresh clams and mussels: Scrub clams and mussels with small scrub brush under cold running water to dislodge excess sand and grit. Pull off beards or material that protrudes between mussel shells. For fresh clams and mussels: Discard clams or mussels with cracked shells or that don’t close tightly when tapped lightly against the counter. After cooking, discard any unopened clams or mussels.

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