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Tumaro's Wraps, 9 Grains and Seeds

8.0 ea.
Tumaro's Wraps, 9 Grains and Seeds

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Wraps, 9 Grains and Seeds

60 calories. 6 Net carbs. 5 g protein. 1 g Total sugars. 7 g fiber. How to Calculate Net Carbs: Total carbohydrates less the total dietary fiber provides total net carbs. 13 g Total Carbs - 7 g Dietary Fiber = 6 Net carbs. 60 calories per wrap. So soft! Life is a series of choices, not sacrifices! Tumaro's is here to help you make healthier decisions without giving up the things you love. Start by skipping the sandwich, enjoy a wrap instead and soon enough you'll be swapping the elevator for the stairs. Yesterday is in the past. Today's the day. Where will you go? Today's the Day: So much more than just a wrap! Air fried chips. Baked taco bowl. Pizza crust. Cheesy quesadilla. Grilled burrito and even dessert! www.tumaros.com. (hashtag)tumarostribe. Facebook. Instagram. Come hang with us for more meal inspiration and tag us (at)tumaroswraps for a chance to be featured. 1 Smart Points (Most Tumaro's Carb Wise wraps are worth 1-2 points if you are using the Weight Watcher's Smart Points system. There is no affiliation between Tumaro's and Weight Watchers or the Weight Watchers point system. The term Smart Points is used for the informational purposes only). Produced in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.

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