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Popcorners Popped-Corn Snacks, White Cheddar

7.0 oz.
Popcorners Popped-Corn Snacks, White Cheddar

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Popped-Corn Snacks, White Cheddar

The crunchy and wholesome popped-corn snack. 130 calories per serving. 0 g trans fat. Certified Gluten-Free. Made in a facility that does not process peanuts or tree nuts. No nuts. Non-GMO corn. Do one better! Never fried. Craving white cheddar? We do ours one better with only the finest dairy farmers from Wisconsin and Minnesota, where cheese making is both art and culture. Using old world techniques to press the highest quality cheddar, we bring out the best in this all-American flavor. We are Popcorners: We believe your best self begins when you decide to do one better whether that’s running a little farther, laughing a little louder or snacking a little healthier. Naturally, it starts at the source. We partner with the best family farmers we know to ensure we’re getting only the finest Non-GMO corn available. From there, every crop gets popped to perfection. The result is a crunchy and wholesome taste experience like no other. For happy and healthy living, you can do one better knowing we are always in your corner. No artificial colors. www.popcorners.com. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. One Better for Farms & Schools: Find out how we’re growing a stronger connection between farms and schools. farm2future.org. We’re in their corner too!

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