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Splenda Sweetener, Sugar Blend

2.0 lb.
Splenda Sweetener, Sugar Blend

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Sweetener, Sugar Blend

A mix of Splenda brand sweetener & sugar. Resealable. Ideal for the whole family. 1/2 the sugar. Sweetens like 4 lbs of sugar. Sweet Swaps. Splenda Sugar Blend lets you enjoy all the sweet things you love with half the sugar and calories per serving of full sugar. For more great Splenda tips and recipes, follow us at www.sweetswaps.com. Contains sugar. Sweet Dish: Recipe club at splenda.com. For delicious recipes and baking tips, visit us at splenda.com or call 1-800-777-5363. Facebook: Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/splenda. Made in the USA.

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