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Roman Meal Bread, Honey Split Top

20.0 oz.
Roman Meal Bread, Honey Split Top

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Bread, Honey Split Top

Natural whole grain goodness. At the Roman Meal Company, we know that eating foods that are both nutritious and delicious is important to you. Below is some nutrition information about our bread that we hope you'll find interesting and helpful. Ingredients in Everyday Terms: Flours, water, whole wheat, honey and sugars, yeast, soybean oil, rye, calcium, salt, dough conditioners, molasses, flaxseed, and a preservative for freshness. What grains are used in Roman Meal Bread? The unique taste and texture of Roman Meal bread comes from wheat, whole rye and defatted flaxseed. Nutritional experts know the importance of a diet rich in whole grains. Nutritionists recommend 6-11 servings per day from the bread, cereal, rice and pasta group. The natural whole grain goodness of Roman Meal is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Why extra calcium? Even though we know our body needs calcium, most Americans (over 75% of women) don't get enough calcium in their daily diet. Just two slices of Roman Meal bread provides as much calcium as an 8-ounce glass of milk. One sandwich provides 30% (300 mg) of your daily calcium needs. That's more calcium than most other breads. Regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium help you maintain good bone health. What are dough conditioners? You may have wondered what purpose a dough conditioner serves in a loaf of bread. When mixed with our unique blend of grains and ingredients, a dough conditioner enhances the appearance and helps provide a soft texture to each loaf of Roman Meal bread. Did you know? Ordinary wheat flour comes from only the largest part of the wheat kernel. Roman Meal bread includes wheat bran and wheat germ too, so you get all the nutrients from the whole grain. Whole wheat as the first ingredient tells you you're getting all components of the original wheat kernel. Not every bread can make this claim. Combined with our great taste - well, that's eating smart.

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