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CF Burger Whipping Cream, Heavy

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CF Burger Whipping Cream, Heavy

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Whipping Cream, Heavy

Since 1926. Ultra-pasteurized. Grade A. Minimum 36% milkfat. Taste the difference! Keeps fresh longer. Premium quality dairy specialties. Since 1926, C.F. Burger Creamery has produced premium-quality dairy specialties. In a day when rich taste seems to be missing in many products, C.F. Burger Creamery products still deliver old-fashioned flavor. It's the flavor that's been enjoyed for generations. Easy-to-use safety cap: This product uses an advanced cap design that is safe and convenient. The innovative cap is hygienically applied to the outer carton, with no pre-cut holes, to keep it fresh and clean. The first time you twist it open, you may feel a slight resistance as the built-in cutting mechanism pierces, cuts, and then automatically folds away the safety seal - eliminating the extra step of having to manually remove a pull ring or seal. It's simple, safe and clean! Keeps fresh longer. Foil lined premium pack to ensure freshness.

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