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Hungry Man Popcorn Chicken, Southern Fried

14.0 oz.
Hungry Man Popcorn Chicken, Southern Fried

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Popcorn Chicken, Southern Fried

Zesty southern fried chicken patties with home-style mashed potatoes and sweet corn - includes a chocolate brownie. Satisfy your craving. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Simply cook & serve. The Adventurer: This sure beats havin' to shoot your dinner. The Maestro: I hear a symphony every time the microwave dings. The Gentleman: I declare independence from my hunger. The Conqueror: My desire? Conquest. And a good, satisfying meal. But mainly conquest. The Inventor: A true Renaissance man appreciates a rich mosaic of meat and vegetables. Unlock your Hungry Hero & get a taste of something big. Hungry Heroes are legendary men of history, who, like you, were hungry. For knowledge, for adventure and occasionally a hearty helping of quality eats. Connect with your Hungry Hero today to gain their wisdom. And maybe even become one yourself.

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