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Boost Nutritional Drink, Complete, Original, Very Vanilla

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Boost Nutritional Drink, Complete, Original, Very Vanilla

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Nutritional Drink, Complete, Original, Very Vanilla

Natural & artificial flavor. Now with fiber. Nestle Health Science. 26 essential vitamins & minerals. Muscle: 10 g of high-quality protein. Fiber: 3 g support digestive health. Doctor recommended. Stay strong, stay active with Boost. Gluten free. Suitable for lactose intolerance (Not for individual with galactosemia). Calcilock blend is a combination of essential nutrients to support bone health. This nutrient blend includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D, C & K to help maintain strong bones. Prebio1 is a proprietary blend of prebiotic fibers to help promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria to support digestive health. It's Good to Know: Nestle Health Science: Nutritionist View: Research shows that over 40% of adults do not meet the recommended daily intake for may vitamins and minerals through diet alone. Boost Original drink provides 26 vitamins and minerals to help close this nutrition gap, plus 10 g of protein and 3 g of fiber. Good to Remember: Have a Boost Original drink as a nutritious snack or mini meal to help meet your daily nutritional needs. Contact our nutrition team, call us toll free 1-800-247-7893 or visit www.boost.com. Complete Nutritional Drink to help you be your best! Please recycle this overlap.

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