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Blue Diamond Cracker Snacks, Nut & Rice, Almond, Country Ranch

4.3 oz.
Blue Diamond Cracker Snacks, Nut & Rice, Almond, Country Ranch

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Cracker Snacks, Nut & Rice, Almond, Country Ranch

Irresistible snacking! Smart eating! 0 grams trans fat. Wheat & gluten free. The Nutritious, Delicious Cracker Snack: Blue Diamond Growers' Co-op is 100% committed to your good health. Our 3,200 grower members have been producing the finest quality almonds from the rich, fertile valleys of California since 1910. We continue to make nutritious and wholesome products for you and your family to enjoy. Irresistible Snacking: Nut Thins are a unique, crispy and crunchy cracker loaded with delicious and nutritious almonds. They are the only crackers made with nuts and baked to perfection. Smart Eating: Enjoy Nut Thins with your favorite cheeses, dips and pâtés, or all by themselves as a tasty, good-for-you snack. With 16 crackers per serving you can grab more than a handful! Each production run is sampled and tested to confirm gluten levels do not exceed 20 ppm. Questions or Comments? Write Blue Diamond Customer Support, PO Box 1768 Sacramento, CA 95812. Please include code number found on top of carton with all inquires. www.bluediamond.com. We are proud to support Celiac Disease Foundation. For information about celiac disease contact the Foundation at www.celiac.org. 100% recycled paperboard.

*EBT Eligible

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