M&M's Chocolate Candies

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M&M's Chocolate Candies

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Chocolate Candies, Almond, Medium Bag

Made with freshly roasted almonds. What's Inside: 220 calories (11% DV) per serving. 7 servings per pack. Terracycle. Mars is turning used candy wrappers into eco-friendly products. Visit terracycle.net. What's Inside - per Serving (About 7 Servings per Pack): 220 calories (11% DV); 12 g total fat (18% DV); 4 g sat. fat (20% DV); 21 g sugars (No DV defined); 20 mg sodium (1% DV). Mars real chocolate. Visit mms.com. M&M's Chocolate Candies are made of the finest ingredients. This product should reach you in excellent condition. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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