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Swiffer Dusting Kit, Heavy Duty

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Swiffer Dusting Kit, Heavy Duty

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Dusting Kit, Heavy Duty

Dusters extender. 2 x more dusting 1 handle. 3 dusters. 2 x more trap + lock fiber (vs. swifter duster). 360 degrees of specially coated fibers. grab onto dust & don't let go! Pluff. Attach. Extend. Refills. Swiffer dusters heavy duty. Trap and lock dust from every directions. Also try sweeper dry + wet. For your own the floor cleaning needs. Visit swiffer.com. Good housekeeping. www.pg.com. Questions? 1-800-214-8734. www.swiffer.com. Handle made in China. Dusters assembled in China.

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