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Keebler Graham Crackers, Fudge Covered

12.5 oz.
Keebler Graham Crackers, Fudge Covered

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Graham Crackers, Fudge Covered

Made with real cocoa! Uncommonly made. Uncommonly good. Kellogg's Family Rewards. Collect points. Earn rewards. No more codes. Two easy ways to collect points. Go to KFR.com to learn more. We don't fudge on our fudge. When fudge is rich and creamy and made with only 100% real cocoa, no matter where it goes, it's wonderfully delicious. So that's exactly what we elves use. Then we add a little of our magic to bake up oh-so-many delightful and different kinds of fudge cookies. We love our fudge. Oh, how it can please. - Ernie Keebler. No code. Learn more at KFR.com. Come see uncommonly good things at www.keebler.com. Follow us on - Facebook. Questions or comments? Visit keebler.com. Call : 1-877-453-5837. Provide production code on package. how2recycle.info. Produced with genetic engineering.

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