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Good Earth Herbal Tea, Sweet & Spicy, Caffeine Free, Bags

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Good Earth Herbal Tea, Sweet & Spicy, Caffeine Free, Bags

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Herbal Tea, Sweet & Spicy, Caffeine Free, Bags

Natural sweet flavors and spice notes play mysteriously together. We're Good Earth and we make tea. But we don't just stick to the ordinary stuff. We seek out the exotic. The unexpected. The moments where you can really let loose. Because that's what tea should do. And so that's how we make it. Intriguing combinations, unexpected flavors. Amazing aromas and wondrous tastes. That's Good Earth. and that's Tea Untamed. Go on, experience some! Goodearth.com. Facebook.com/GoodEarthTea. Twitter.com/GoodEarthTea. It's not easy being good but someone has to do it. We care about you and the planet so we're not just sitting around, we're out there walking the talk (sometimes biking or running it but you get the idea). 100% recycled and recyclable carton. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Good for you. Good for Earth. Our tea may be untamed, but our commitment isn't. Is there anything better than when opposites attract? The master blenders behind Sweet & Spicy don't seem to think so. Bursts of sweet orange tangle with spicy cinnamon in a naturally caffeine free Rooibos red tea infusion. Savor this surprisingly satisfying combination hot or cold.

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