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Ziploc Storage Bags, All-Purpose, Double Zipper, Quart

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Ziploc Storage Bags, All-Purpose, Double Zipper, Quart

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Storage Bags, All-Purpose, Double Zipper, Quart

7 inch x 7-11/16 inch. SC Johnson. Smart Zip Seal. Protection you can hear! Patented double zipper. Easily closes together for a secure seal. Easy to grasp and open. You can hear and feel the seal forming one continuous lock to block out air! Fresh shield. Tough outside and fresh inside! Ziploc fresh solutions! Shake it up: Place salad ingredients and dressing in a Ziploc storage bag. Shake the bag to mix it all together and enjoy! Picnic perfect: Pack your picnic basket with fresh fruits, veggies and snacks in Ziploc bags. Then lay it all out for a great spread! Love your leftovers: Keep your leftovers securely sealed in a Ziploc storage bag in the fridge, and reheat them in the microwave when you are ready. Travel companion: Pack your bottles in Ziploc storage bags to prevent any surprise leaks! Facts you can feel good about. Product not formulated with BPA (Bisphenol A). A family company since 1886. Made in Canada.

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