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Press Release

Acme Fresh Market - Social Distancing

Acme Fresh Market encourages “Social Distancing”

“We will continue to implement processes that help us achieve our goal of running clean, neat, and safe stores.  Based on the guidance of the CDC and other health agencies, social distancing is the best plan, and we are implementing tactics to put space between people in our stores as best as can be done in a retail environment” said Nick Albrecht, President of Acme Fresh Market.

The most visible change to increase social distancing is the installation this week of temporary plastic shields at registers to provide a physical barrier between the cashiers and customers. 


Acme Fresh Market is adjusting its scheduling of certain associates to “Night and Day” shifts to maximize the social distancing between associates and continue to give them the time to conduct their work.  More associates will be “spaced” overnight.  Acme Fresh Market’s store hours will remain open 7am to 10pm for now, and the store will be open to all customers during those hours. 


Acme Fresh Market politely requests that customers not bring re-usable bags or cloth bags to the stores in the spirit of “Social Distancing” and minimizing handling exposures to associates. 

“Acme associates are doing their best to keep the shelves full and to get customers in and out of the store.  They are doing their best to help Feed the Families of our Community, and we thank them,” said Nick Albrecht, President of Acme Fresh Market.


The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company operates 16 Acme Fresh Market stores in Summit, Stark, Portage and Cuyahoga counties. The company, founded in 1891, is American owned and family-operated. It is very proud of its longstanding traditions of innovative food merchandising and leadership in the community. Acme Fresh Markets has 2,200 associates focused on feeding the families of our community for over 125 years.


For additional information, visit: www.acmestores.com.