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Family Fun

Virtual Party Ideas

Virtual parties allow all of us to have fun with family and friends while staying at home.  Whether you are playing games or watching a movie together, these virtual party ideas will keep you connected to family and friends.

Netflix Party

Watch your favorite movies and shows with friends and family with a Netflix Party.  Watch the same movie or show and chat live together on-screen.

Consider giving your kids a slumber party with their cousins or friends while enjoying a fun snack in pajamas while watching the movie together or make it a Girls Night with a chick flick.                                                                                      

Download FREE Netflix Party chrome extension for use on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers, all users must have Netflix subscription.                                                                                                                          

Virtual Face to Face Parties

Being able to see friends and family in real time virtually is easier than ever with free platforms like Zoom and HouseParty.  Download one or both for virtual parties for up to 100 people.


Many schools and businesses are using Zoom for meetings and instruction. Zoom is free without time limits for the time being. You can use Zoom for large virtual parties for up to 100 people. What a party!  Many of the ideas below can be used with the Zoom platform. Just sign up for Zoom and invite your party guests to join you with a provided link.


HouseParty is another free online platform that allows you to hang out with up to 8 friends with a secure invite link. You decide who is allowed to be at your party by inviting by email or through social media. In addition to virtual party ideas below, HouseParty has built in games that you can play with multiple people at the same time including Heads Up, Trivia, and Quick Draw.

Family Feuds

Calling up relatives or friends and challenging them to a little friendly competition is a lot of fun! Here are a view ideas using items you have at home and a platform like Zoom or HouseParty to share the results.

  • Race to see who can complete a jigsaw puzzle first, be sure they are the same # of pieces for each family.
  • Minute to Win It Games – choose a few minute to win it games like cookie on the face, ping pong bounce, and stacking games.
  • Twister – both houses use their own mat, taking turns calling colors.
  • Charades 

Costume or Theme Game Party

Throw a costume or theme party! Coordinate themed music, games, storytelling, and food. Encourage party-goers to dress for the occasion! Use an application like Zoom to add coordinating backdrops. 

Here are a few ideas:
For a fancy dinner party theme, ask everyone to serve a fancy dinner with nice dishes for their family, and dress up.  Put your phone on the table and dine alongside your party guests on the other end of the camera.

For a kids costume party, pull out the Halloween costumes or make your own. You can make it a specific theme like super heroes. Play individual skill games like minute-to-win it games, ask themed trivia questions, and have kids talk about their costume character.

Pick a beach theme, have everyone wear beach clothing, play the Beach Boys music, and use a beach backdrop by Zoom to make it look like you are all at the beach.

Drawing Games Party

Play any drawing based game with another person or family using an online drawing tool like DrawChat.   You can play games like Pictionary, Hangman, Tic-tac-toe, and Win, Lose, or Draw.  You can also work together to create an original piece of art or have drawing competitions with others. DrawChat is a secure network that requires an invite by another person to connect together during a drawing session.                                              

Video Game Party

Host a video game party!  Use the free Discord platform to play against or as a team with popular games like Fortnite, Overcooked, Stardew Valley Civilization, Minecraft, and more.

You won’t visually see your friends or family using Discord but you’ll be able to hear them while you both play video games together.    You can play with multiple people at the same time.