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Family Fun

Shadow Tag STEM Game

This game takes just a few minutes to explain to kids and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Shadow tag is similar to other games of tag but with one big difference. Instead of tagging another player, the goal is to tag other players' shadows by stepping on it! If your shadow gets stepped on then you are now IT.  Play outside on a sunny day or indoors with a lamp without a shade.

STEM Notes:

Have kids take note of how their body moves compared to their shadows. Are there different angles?  How does your shadow move compared to how you are moving?  How difficult is it to figure out where the shadow of the person you are chasing will go? Learning about how shadow changes depending on the person's angle to the light is a STEM skill lesson in action.

If your kids are preschool or younger in age, have them walk or pretend to be a slow moving animal instead of running, younger kids are easily tripped while running and watching their shadow move.