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Family Fun

Mother's Day Word Art

Word art is a fun way to create a custom, personalized display for mom this Mother's Day.  Kids and teens can get creative and make amazing and unique word art with ease. There are many free tools online that allow you to create the word art, print, and even make word art animation. WordArt.com offers an easy-to-use tool that can give kids the opportunity to make a gift for mom with no graphic design skills what-so-ever.

Simply create a list of words that describe your mom and input. You can change the shape of your word art including arts, animals, shapes, and more. Customize with color and fonts too.

There are several different heart-shape designs that are perfect for Mother's Day. Don't forget grandma and make her one too!

If mom has a favorite animal, you can even create word art in the shape of an animal.

Print or send your word art electronically to mom, grandma, and other special women in your life this Mother's Day. It will brighten their day.

You can also paste the printed word art to a piece of construction paper or frame the word art to present as a gift.