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Family Fun

Easter Basket Treasure Hunt

It is a tradition for many families for the Easter Bunny to hide their child's Easter Basket.  This year, add a treasure hunt! Place clues around the house that lead your child to their hidden Easter Basket.  This is a family fun activity that everyone can enjoy together as your child searches for clues and finally finds their their hidden Easter Basket!

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After you download our Easter Basket Treasure Hunt clues, cut them out. You can use printer paper or card stock. Figure out where you are going to place each clue and then place each clue into a plastic Easter egg the night before Easter morning. You can hide the clues or place clues in plastic Easter Eggs.  If you have more than one child, put the clues in a different order and assign each child their own Easter Egg color.

Give the top of the paper to your child with Clue #1:

I'm the Easter Bunny - Yes, it's true and I have a little game just for you! Follow my clues and you will see a wonderful surprise for you from me.

Clue #1: To begin your search, here's your first clue: walk, don't run and check your shoes. (Hide Clue #2 in your child's shoes.)

Clue #2: Love and joy and Easter wishes, your next clue is hiding where you put your dirty dishes. (Hide Clue #3 in the kitchen sink, dishwasher, or on the counter.)

Clue #3: Another clue, you're doing great! Head to where you find your pajamas when it's getting late. (Hide Clue #4 with your child's pajamas.)

Clue #4: Carrots are my favorite snack, such a tasty treat! Head to the place where you can grab a chilled one to eat. (Hide Clue #5 in your refrigerator.)

Clue #5: The next one is hidden out of sight! Go to the room where you sleep at night. (Hide Clue #6 in your child's bedroom as difficult as you'd like!)

Clue #6: This is thirsty work, time for a drink! The next clue is sitting by the sink. (Hide Clue #7 near your kitchen sink or bathroom sink.)

Clue #7: Still wondering where your Easter Basket could be? Go look ______________________________ and you will see! (Fill in the blank!)

Happy Easter!