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Family Fun

Apple Volcano Experiment

This Apple Volcano Experiment makes chemistry fun! Your child will learn how material reacts under different conditions and the chemical reaction that occurs when the substances change and form a new substance.



  1. Place apple on a dish large enough to catch the runoff.
  2. Have an adult cut a hole in the top of the apple.
  3. Have your child add baking soda in the hole.
  4. Have your child add a drop of dishwashing soap.
  5. Add Food coloring.
  6. Pour vinegar into the apple.
  7. Watch the volcano erupt!


With this Apple Volcano Experiment, your child will learn about the chemical reaction of a gas called carbon dioxide. The acid (vinegar) and the base solid (baking soda) combines to make a gas (carbon dioxide). This chemical reaction causes the fantastic eruption! The bubbles are the result of the carbon dioxide escaping the mixture.   

The dishwashing soap and food coloring add more bubbles and color.  Experiment with different amounts of each to see the difference. The apple can be reused multiple times for this experiment. Discard after use.