Shopping at any Ohio grocery store just won’t do, but shopping at Acme Fresh Market means shopping at a real supermarket. In fact, we like to think we have helped define the very word by earning the word super instead of being just a standard market. It’s more than just the commitment we have made to Ohio communities for the past 120 years; it is also about the many things we strive to offer our community members.

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Acme Fresh Market can proudly claim to be a supermarket.

  • We offer more than just the basics of what you would expect to find at a grocery store. Beyond the standard departments every shopper needs, we also offer ways to shop organic, for prepared meals and salads, easy meals, daily specials and so much more.
  • In fact, even when it comes to being your pharmacy, we hope to deliver more than what’s expected. Sure we aren’t the only supermarket that offers a pharmacy or even online refill orders, but we also do more to show we care about our customers. To prove that Acme offers health clinics and health screenings, which can be especially important for those who tend to put off caring for their health because they just can’t seem to find the time.
  • Need to stop by the Post Office? How about do a little banking or check to see if your lottery ticket was a big winner? Maybe you need to wire some money through Western Union or even pick up a money order? These are all just a few more of the reasons why we feel our markets are super.
  • There’s even more than that. At Acme Fresh Market, you also get personal attention from departments such as meat, seafood, deli, bakery and floral. Make your next event that much more extra special by relying on the expertise of our catering services.

recieve email notifications from our supermarketAt the end of the day we strive to make it simple as could be to take care of what you need. As a matter of fact, we feel a true supermarket makes sure you, as our customers, take care of tasks you normally wouldn’t even get around to doing. For that reason we offer our health clinics and a way for you to actually surprise the wife with flowers and even have your next event fully catered.

Stop by and See

Acme Fresh Market hasn’t lasted more than 120 years as part of the history of Ohio by making false promises. If you haven’t already seen for yourself how super a market truly can be, you owe it to yourself to stop by and see. It’s a matter of challenging us to deliver on that promise of caring for our friends, neighbors and community members by being the best grocery store Ohio has to offer.

Grab your grocery list, to-do list and even prescriptions and stop by your nearest Acme location. Find out how Acme Fresh Market really does define the word supermarket.

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