Supermarket Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

There are so many ways to save at your local Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio supermarket. You’ll be surprised when you walk into the market and see what all they have to offer. You can get all of your shopping done at this location as they cover everything from prepared foods to cold drinks. Here are some other reasons why the locals shop there.


With thousands of products, there’s a lot of choice. Here is a list of some of the products this market carries.

This may wow you, but it doesn’t stop there as they offer much more.

  • Organics – Everyone is looking for a healthier lifestyle these days. That’s why Acme offers an organic department. You can chose from bulk products such as soy nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower kernels and many more. They also carry frozen vegetarian meals. If you want an alternative to meat products, you’ll love the variety of frozen meals available. Choose from meatless burgers to gluten free pasta.cuyahoga-falls-ohio-supermarket
  • Easy Meals – At this market, they know that people are on the go constantly. That’s why they created the Easy Meal menu. For only $4.99 you can pick from one of five entrees and two of ten side dishes. It’s enough to feed your family. Your belly will be happy you picked Easy Meals.
  • Deli – Don’t feel like cooking? Grab some cold cuts and enjoy a fresh roast beef sandwich. Don’t forget the cheese as your whole family will enjoy a deli sandwich.

The Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio grocery store and pharmacy is one that is loved by many members of the Ohio community. Come in to the Bailey Road location right up the road from the Chase Bank ATM. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Get Directions to our Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Supermarket Location:


Visit our supermarket at:

2630 Bailey Rd.,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Call: 330-923-1417

Store Hours:

Mon. – Sat. 7am – 10pm
Sundays 8am – 10pm

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