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couple-at-supermarket-akron-ohioYour local Akron, Ohio supermarket provides you and your family with more savings than any other competitor offers. They have been doing this for years. That’s why so many customers return as new ones are gained every day. Acme is a name that people in Ohio have known to trust as their reputation is a priority.

Here are some products that your store offers. Hopefully you and your family get a chance to enjoy them as well.

  • Dairy Products – Doesn’t it frustrate you when you shop at other supermarket’s dairy aisles and the selection is minimal? Well at Acme, that doesn’t happen. They are well stocked with all the latest dairy products. If you’re looking for new coffee creamers or soy milk, they’ll have it. No doubt about it. Their name and brands are ones that you can trust.
  • akron-ohio-supermarketMeatsWhat’s summer without a steak or hamburger cooked out on the grill? The meat department at your local store is always stocked with a large variety of meats. Choose from prime cuts of selected beef and steaks will melt in your mouth. Pick up some tonight and taste the quality.
  • Cheeses – A great snack that goes with anything is cheese. The cheese department’s selection includes cheeses from around the world. Try something different and amaze your friends with some mouthwatering cheese. You’ll be surprised at how good their cheese really is. You’ll also be amazed at the price.
  • Frozen Foods- Acme takes pride in their frozen foods section. You won’t find freezer burn on their products. They carry their own brand of frozen vegetables, or if you’re looking for a frozen pizza for the family that tastes like it was delivered, they have those as well. Stop by the aisle and see for yourself why their frozen foods are always top quality.

This Akron, Ohio pharmacy and grocery store carries only the freshest foods. So many customers will tell you that they are the freshest around. Their East Avenue location is conveniently located one block away from Prentiss Park. Come in today for great quality products.

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Visit our supermarket at:

2147 East Ave.,
Akron, OH

Call: 330-745-3533

Store Hours:

Mon. – Sat. 7am – 10pm
Sundays 8am – 10pm

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