Detour Oatmeal Bar, Blueberry

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Detour Oatmeal Bar, Blueberry

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Oatmeal Bar, Blueberry

10 g protein (per nutrition facts listed). Non-GMO. Organic rolled oats. Only 4 g sugar (per nutrition facts listed). Whey protein yogurt drizzle. Made with 38% organic ingredients. detourbar.com. (hashtag) detourbar. Smart bars start with whole grain oats that are organic, gluten free and high in fiber. We add wholesome whey, the right protein to nourish your body, and sweeten the bars naturally with fruit you can see and taste. And it's non-GMO. Now that's smart! Gluten free and non-GMO detour smart is independently lab tested to verify product compliance with gluten free and non-GMO labeling standards.

*EBT Eligible

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