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Dr Scholls Wart Remover, Dual Action

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Dr Scholls Wart Remover, Dual Action

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Wart Remover, Dual Action

7 treatments. Doctor recommended. Common & plantar. Our strongest wart remover without a prescription. Starts working instantly in as few as one treatment cycle. Safe to use on kids ages 4+. 9 cushions. 1 reusable activator. 7 disposable applicators. Liquid wart remover 1/3 fl oz (9.8 ml). Bayer. Freeze therapy + fast acting liquid. An effective method for large warts right in your own home. This revolutionary dual-action treatment utilizes the same freeze technology doctors use plus a powerful fast-acting liquid wart remover. Contents: Dimethyl ether and propane (not harmful to the environment). www.drscholls.com. Questions? 1-866-360-3226 or visit us at www.drscholls.com. Dr. Scholl's liquid wart remover is French origin (Provided on inner product label). Other information: Store between 68 degrees to 77 degrees F (20 degrees to 25 degrees C). Keep tightly closed.

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