Mobile Download Instructions

iPhone | Android | Blackberry

These instructions are just suggestions and this feature may or may not work on your phone model. Please contact the phone manual or manufacturer for additional instructions.



1) Visit on your iPhone.

2) After a few seconds you should be prompted with a message to install the web-app icon on your desktop. See image below:

3) If you are not prompted, click the arrow link shown in the screenshot and you’ll see a link that says “Add to Home Screen”.

Click this link to add the Acme Mobile site to your desktop.

mobile download


1) Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen

2) Open the browser “bookmarks” screen

3) Long-press the bookmark you want

4) Select “Add to Home screen”

droid mobile instructions


1) Visit

2) Press the “menu” button Blackberry

3) Scroll down and click “Add to Home Screen”