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local-pharmacy-tallmadgeThere are many local pharmacies Tallmadge, Ohio has to offer, but the only one that counts is located inside your Acme store. They are experts at making you feel better and have so much to offer. If you haven’t been to the store yet, you may want to do so today.

They are unbeatable as the pharmacy has everything you need and provides so many benefits as opposed to your general ones that cannot offer all of this. Here is just one thing that you can take advantage while getting your next prescription filled:

  • Pharmacy RewardsPharmacy Rewards is something new from the fine people at Acme. These Rewards will save you on hundreds of generics as well as senior discounts. But the great thing about having the Rewards card is that you instantly become a member invited to their Express Clinics and online refills.

With all of the savings, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some delicious ice cream and some orange juice from the store. Here are some other benefits that local pharmacist Tallmadge, Ohio offers:

How many other places can say that they can give their customers all of this? Not many as this store is the prime choice for local shoppers. You may want to come out and see for yourself. The local pharmacy Tallmadge, Ohio is located on South Avenue right across from the K Mart.

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