Congratulations to the 2012 Acme Scholarship Winners!

Acme Fresh Market Scholarship

Comments from Deborah Owens, Ph.D., lead selection committee member.
“As a judge for the last 15 years for the Acme Scholarship Awards I have seen first-hand the outstanding dedication of these young people. Each of the 64 applicants, without exception, had excellent grades, volunteered in their communities, and were active in sports and other activities such as church, choir and band. College today is an expensive endeavor, and the generosity of Acme to these young people has allowed 24 area young people to help reach their career goals, whether it be as a pharmacist, a teacher, an accountant or an occupational therapist, among the many worthwhile professions these students are pursuing. It is also interesting how many of the applicants credit their employment at Acme as a critical contributor to their success. Many volunteered that their work experience taught them so much about life, people and helped them choose a future career in pharmacy, sales or business for instance.

I am so pleased that Acme has chosen to invest in our local community in numerous ways, including their generosity in awarding $72,000 in scholarship money this year alone.

Deborah Owens, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing
The University of Akron

  1. Denise Charboneau
  2. Jennifer DeMarco
  3. Caren Dieglio
  4. Nicole Fahrni
  5. Christina Green
  6. Nicholas Harig
  7. Terra Henderson
  8. Elizabeth Josifov
  9. James King
  10. Zach Locke
  11. Lauren McBride
  12. Alyssa Miller
  13. Stephanie Petit
  14. Mariah Richards
  15. Nicole Stone
  16. Marisa Tomei
  17. Sarah Turley
  18. Matthew Varga
  19. Taylor Vida
  20. Andrew Volcheck
  21. Claire Weiss
  22. Douglas Weiss
  23. Amanda Whitacre
  24. Robert Woodward

Winners will receive an invitation to attend a reception on July 23 at Acme 14.